The viewer will vibrate with the essence of the Spanish culture that is Flamenco.

Flamenco is composed of cante, toque and baile ...

The zambra, a word that comes from Arabic, was the way to celebrate the prenuptial rite among the gypsies and was forbidden for a time. They used to last all night.

The flamenco shows are composed of cante, toque and baile, developed in Andalusia and is influenced by the mixture of several cultures: Arabic, Jewish and Christian.

Flamenco dancing is a way of expressing human feelings and passions through movements that arise from the dances that this music contains. Its technique is complex and the interpretation is different, according to the creativity of the artist who executes it, if it is a man it will dance it with great force, resorting mainly to the feet; and if it is a woman, she will execute it with more sensual movements.

The flamenco guitar touch has been the discipline that has evolved the most in the time of existence of flamenco, its primitive function was to accompany dance and singing. This is also accompanied by other instruments such as castanets, and also with palms and heels.

In the flamenco shows that we offer, you can enjoy the three well-differentiated flamenco floors.